Appeal a planning decision

If your planning application has been

you have the right to appeal.

Note: an S10a Notice is a letter which details the reasons why you consider the information is unnecessary for your application.

You can also appeal if you have been served with an Enforcement notice.

There is no fee for making a planning appeal though there can be when appealing an Enforcement Notice: Planning Portal: Enforcement appeals|External link. However, appeals can be time consuming for both the applicant and the Council.

If there is scope for alterations to your planning application, you may be able to submit an amended application rather than make an appeal. You can discuss this option with your case officer. You’ll find the contact details of the officer on the communication telling you that your application was valid / non valid.

Appeals are handled by the Planning Inspectorate|External link who will appoint a Planning inspector to review the planning decision.

For guidance on how to make an appeal, see Guidance on the appeal process|External link

Appeal online

You can submit an appeal online through the Planning Portal: Make an appeal|External link.

Alternatively, you can appeal by post. To get the necessary paper documents, contact the Planning Portal Customer Support Team on 0303 444 5000 or e-mail

Details of appeals lodged with the Council can be viewed if you Search planning applications and select ‘appeals’.

Commenting on an appeal

Only the applicant can appeal against a decision made by the Council, there is no right of appeal for third parties such as a person who has objected to the original application.

However, if you were notified of the original application and / or made comments about it, you will be notified that an appeal against the Council’s decision has been made and you will be invited to make further comments if you wish.

Please note: appeal documents including original comments and new ones made by the public will be available to view on our website and the Planning Portal.

Last Updated: 14/09/2016