Trees and hedges

Felling licences

If you wish to fell trees, you may need permission from the Forestry Commission. You can get this permission with a Felling Licence. You can apply for a licence from any  Forestry Commission|External link conservancy office. Felling trees without a licence, where one would have been required, is an offence. Permission should be obtained.

The Forestry Commissions site provides advice on getting permission to fell trees, see Felling Licences|External link .

The Forestry Commission and the Council consult on applications for felling licences. When the Forestry Commission is preparing to approve the applications, it is added to the Public Register of new Planting and Felling, and stays on the register for four weeks.

The register can be accessed through the Forestry Commission's website - Register of new planting and felling|External link

Last Updated: 29/03/2016