Historic parks and gardens

Spot registration of historic parks and gardens

Spot registration is the 'fast track' means by which a site can be assessed for inclusion in the national list. Should a currently unregistered site under consideration for spot-registration prove to be of registerable quality, it can be registered promptly, usually within one month, to confirm its national importance.

This emergency procedure is normally used either where there is a firm commitment to seek grant-aid for repairs from major grant giving bodies, or where there is an immediate prospect of development or change which might potentially be harmful to the historic interest of the site. Registration helps in this situation to bring attention to a site's importance. Requests for assessment of a site for spot registration are welcome from any interested or concerned party.

Submitting requests for registration

If you own, have an interest in, or concern about a park or garden which you know is of particular historic interest, and think it should be considered for registration, then we would be pleased to know. Priority will be given to the assessment of sites threatened by immediate planning concerns, then to those where support for major grant-aid applications is sought. It is helpful if your request for us to consider a site for registration is submitted as indicated below.

Last Updated: 11/11/2016