Barns and farm buildings

Building types

Although there is evidence of earlier timber structures, few farm buildings survive in Calderdale which were built before 1600, and sometimes early timber work is encased by later stone walls.

The most common type of purpose-built farm building is the barn. Barns were first built as places to thresh and store cereal crops, but in colder upland areas like Calderdale many also included a mistal or cow house to protect cattle from the harsh winter weather. These may be found in all types of barns but their location in the building and the position of their door varies.

In Calderdale, barns are usually closely related to a farmhouse either as part of a farmstead group or actually attached to a farmhouse or cottage. Farmhouses can be of an earlier or later date than the barn and there is a special type of Pennine farm building where the farmhouse and barn were built together under one roof which is called a laithe house.

The barns in Calderdale fall into three main types:

Buildings such as cart sheds, pigsties, cow sheds and stables can also be found in some farmstead groups.

Local Barn Types

Aisled Barns

Double aisled barn Half aisled barn Single aisled barn

Rectangular Barns

Rectangular barns

Laithe House

Laithe House

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