Conservation areas

Conservation Areas are villages, neighbourhoods or parts of towns which have been identified as having a special character and quality, and should be safeguarded and enhanced. The Government requires all local planning authorities to designate Conservation Areas.

High standards of design will be sought in all conservation areas. The Council hopes that being in a conservation area will encourage people to maintain and restore their buildings in keeping with that area's character. In this way the quality of the towns and villages that make Calderdale unique can be retained.

A number of special controls and requirements apply in conservation areas in order to protect their character. This does not mean that there will be no new developments or alterations to existing buildings. It is recognised that places must be able to adapt to the demands of present day life; however, the Council has a duty to ensure that all changes either increase the attractiveness of these areas or do no harm to their special qualities.

If you are thinking about making alterations to a property, demolishing a building or felling a tree in a conservation area, to find out if any consents are required see Do I need planning permission?

Conservation Area leaflets and appraisals are available for some areas. 

AreaAppraisal / extension dateLeaflet
AkroydonAppraisal: 15 December 1976Akroydon [PDF file 839KB]|PDF file
CopleyAppraisal: 18 October 1983Copley [PDF file 1052KB]|PDF file
EllandAppraisal: 25 February 1992
Extension: 25 October 2010
Elland [PDF file 2368KB]|PDF file
Halifax Town CentreAppraisal: 23 October 1974
Extension: 21 January 1981
Halifax Town Centre [PDF file 984KB]|PDF file
Hebden BridgeAppraisal: 27 July 1973
First extension: 25 November 1986
Second extension: 25 February 1992
Third extension: 4 April 2011
Hebden Bridge [PDF file 3296KB]|PDF file
HeptonstallAppraisal: 7 January 1971Heptonstall [PDF file 831KB]|PDF file
Huddersfield Road East, HalifaxAppraisal: 24 October 2005Huddersfield Road East [PDF file 966KB]|PDF file
LuddendenAppraisal: 26 February 1973Luddenden [PDF file 3538KB]|PDF file
Lumbutts and MankinholesAppraisal: 3 December 1980
Extension: 10 March 2008
Lumbutts and Mankinholes [PDF file 531KB]|PDF file
Mill Bank and CottonstonesAppraisal: 23 June 1976Mill Bank and Cottonstones [PDF file 822KB]|PDF file
MytholmroydAppraisal: 2 July 2001Mytholmroyd [PDF file 617KB]|PDF file
Northowram VillageAppraisal: 10 January 2011Northowram Village [PDF file 8705KB]|PDF file
People's ParkAppraisal: 23 September 1981People's Park [PDF file 877KB]|PDF file
RippondenAppraisal: 10 March 1972Ripponden [PDF file 928KB]|PDF file
Savile ParkAppraisal: 24 October 2005Savile Park [PDF file 2643KB]|PDF file
Skircoat GreenAppraisal: 24 October 2005Skircoat Green [PDF file 1629KB]|PDF file
Sowerby BridgeAppraisal: 5 June 1984Sowerby Bridge [PDF file 1012KB]|PDF file
StainlandAppraisal: 30 November 1982Stainland [PDF file 801KB]|PDF file
TodmordenAppraisal: 1 March 1974
First extension: 11 April 1985
Second extension: 10 March 2008
Todmorden [PDF file 946KB]|PDF file
WarleyAppraisal: 20 October 1976Warley [PDF file 1058KB]|PDF file

To view Conservation Area boundaries please use our interactive maps service Calderdale maps online.

Last Updated: 29/03/2016