Family services directory

This on-line directory provides access to information about a wide range of local services for children and young people and their families living in Calderdale.

The directory is the ideal place to start when accessing family support information. It gives a short description of what each service provides and contact details or a link into their web site. Please familiarize yourself with our guide on how to use this directory and disclaimer before using the directory.

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How to use this directory

The keyword search box can be used to find the name of a particular organisation (eg 'ABC Nursery') or information about a particular subject or service (eg 'library'). To order the search results by distance you may enter a postcode in the box marked 'enter your postcode'. You may also select multiple age ranges to find services catering for specific age groups.

You can also search using the category list shown below the search box. For example, you could search for information under the category 'someone to talk to' or 'Special Educational Needs'.

Joining the directory

Any service that offers help and support to children and young people can be included in the directory. All agencies that provide us with information will be included in the directory, provided they have robust policies and procedures in place, covering the safeguarding of children, appropriate DBS checks, and health and safety policies. If you would like your service to be added to the directory, contact the Early Years & Childcare Sufficiency Team:


The Family Services Directory (FSD) is a signposting service and Calderdale Council does not endorse or recommend any of the external groups and organisations included in it.

The Early Years and Childcare Sufficiency Team (EYCST) make every effort to ensure that the information included in the database is up to date and accurate but this is dependent on the data provided by the organisations. We cannot therefore guarantee that the information is up to date and accurate, neither does the Council accept responsibility for inconvenience or loss arising from any error, omission or misinformation contained within it.

Last updated: 26/10/2015