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Council, committee and cabinet meetings


Calderdale Council operates an executive decision taking structure. The operation of the structure is controlled by the Council's Constitution. Meetings are generally open to the public to attend except where personal or confidential matters are being discussed.

The Constitution


The Council is composed of 51 Councillors. They all meet together as the Council to decide the Council's overall policies and to set the budget and Council Tax each year. The Council appoints the Leader and members of the Cabinet and also the membership of the various Scrutiny Panels and Committees.

Cabinet Meetings

The Cabinet is composed of the Leader and six Councillors appointed by the Council. The Cabinet has overall responsibility for the services which the Council provides and operates within the overall policies and budget agreed by the Council. Recommendations on major items of policy and on the annual budget and capital programme are passed to the Council for consideration and approval.

The Cabinet Members are:-

Next meeting of:- Cabinet 03/09/2018 6:00pm

Scrutiny Boards

The Council has three Scrutiny Boards and each is composed of nine Councillors. In addition, the People Scrutiny Board also includes a number of co-opted members (non-councillors) representing the churches, parent governors and the education community. Scrutiny Boards support the work of the Cabinet and Council as a whole by looking into matters of local concern and making recommendations on policy, budget making and service delivery. Scrutiny Boards also monitor the Cabinet’s decisions and can call a decision in for consideration and further recommendation.

Planning Committee

The Planning Committee is composed of seven Councillors and has responsibility for the consideration and determination of applications made to the Council for planning permission. The Committee can also consider new and changes to existing development control policies, objectives and standards for recommendation to the Cabinet.

The Planning Committee Members are:

Next meeting of:- Planning Committee 1 04/09/2018 2:00pm, Planning Committee 2 04/09/2018 6:00pm

Licensing and Regulatory Committee

The Licensing and Regulatory Committee is made up of fifteen Councillors and is responsible for the consideration and determination of applications made to the Council for a variety of licences, permits, consents, certificates and registrations.

The Licensing and Regulatory Committee Members are:

Next meeting of:- Licensing and Regulatory Committee 04/09/2018 6:00pm

Standards Committee

The Standards Committee is made up of seven Councillors and also includes a number of co-opted members, one of whom is appointed as Chair of the Committee. The Committee is responsible for promoting and maintaining high standards of conduct by Councillors and co-opted members, monitoring the Members’ Code of Conduct and considering reports on breaches of the Code, and the services and training made available to Members including recommendations to the Council on the Members' Allowances Scheme.

The Standards Committee Members are:

Next meeting of:- Standards Committee 15/10/2018 6:00pm

Appeals Panel

The Appeals Panel is made up of three Councillors and is responsible for considering and determining appeals made by employees and against decisions made by or on behalf of the Council where there is no other appeal process either within or outside of the Council.

The Appeals Panel Members are:

Next meeting of:- Appeals Panel 03/10/2018 10:00am

Employment Committee

The Employment Committee is made up of four Councillors and is responsible for the employment of the Council's Chief Executive, Deputy Chief Executive, Group Directors and Chief Officers.

The Employment Committee Members are:

Last Updated: 15/06/2004