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Health & Wellbeing Board Thursday 30th October 2014

Thursday 30th October 2014


Agenda - 30/10/14 [Word file 73KB]|Word file

Item 3 - Minutes of Meeting held on 7th August 2014 to be approved as a correct record and signed by the Chair:

Minutes of Meeting held on 7th August 2014 [Word Document 57KB]

Item 5 - Better Care Fund - Section 256 Agreement:

Better Care Fund - Section 256 Agreement [Word Document 333KB]

Item 6 - Child Sexual Exploitation - Update:

Child Sexual Exploitation [Word Document 45KB]
CSE Appx 1 [PDF Document 779KB]

Item 7 - Right Care, Right Time, Right Place Programme Update:

Right Care, Right Time, Right Place [Word Document 67KB]

Item 8 - Autism Workshop Update and Recommendations:

Autism Workshop Update and Recommendations [Word Document 61KB]
Autism Appx 1 [Word Document 35KB]

Item 9 - Food for Life Partnership (FFLP) Pathfinder Pilot and Commissioning for Quality and Innovation (CQUIN):

Food For Life Partnership [Word Document 59KB]
FFLP Appx 1 [Word Document 39KB]

Item 10 - Joint Wellbeing Strategy, Progress and Next Steps:

Joint Wellbeing Strategy [Word Document 78KB]
JWS Appx 1 [PDF Document 1371KB]

Item 11 - Social Value Commissioning Charter:

Social Value Commissioning [Word Document 87KB]

Item 12 - Matters for Information:

Winterbourne View Appx 2 [Word Document 64KB]
Winterbourne View Appx 3 [Word Document 85KB]
CCG Commissioning Plan [Word Document 49KB]
Health an Wellbeing Board Forward Plan [Word Document 47KB]
Domestic Abuse Update [Word Document 61KB]
Domestic Abuse Appx 1 [PDF Document 1734KB]
Domestic Abuse Appx 2 [Word Document 116KB]
Action Report from the Board meeting held on 7th August 2014 [Word Document 49KB]
Winterbourne View Transforming Care Agenda [Word Document 240KB]
CCG Appx 1 [Word Document 75KB]

In the Minutes:-

a) decisions which have an asterisk (*) at the beginning need the approval of the full Council before they can be actioned.

b) an (E) appearing after the minute number, ie 123(E), means that the public were excluded from the meeting for consideration of the item.

It is possible to view papers referred to in the minutes at the Council's Libraries (online) and at the Town Hall, Crossley Street, Halifax.

Minutes of the meeting

Minutes [Word file 59KB]|Word file

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