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Council Wednesday 12th February 2014

Wednesday 12th February 2014


Agenda - 12/02/14 [Word file 87KB]|Word file

Item 1 - Minutes of Extraordinary Council and the Council held on 27th November 2013 to be agreed as a correct record and signed by the Mayor:

Minutes of Council held on 27th November 2013 [Word Document 228KB]
Minutes of Extraordinary Council held on 27th November 2013 [Word Document 28KB]

Item 6 - To consider the recommendations of Cabinet on the following matters:-:

6(a) Joint Authorisations for Undertaking Environmental Health Work [Word Document 39KB]
6(b) Review of Discretionary Rate Relief Scheme [Word Document 40KB]
6(c) Treasury Management - Annual Strategy Statement [Word Document 39KB]
6(d) Prudential Indicators 2014/15 - 2016/17 [Word Document 40KB]
6(e) School Capital Programme - Outcome of Feasibility Studies [Word Document 43KB]
6(f) Property Asset Condition and Investment Priorities - Capital Allocation 2014/15 [Word Document 42KB]

Item 7 - To consider the recommendations of the Governance and Business Committee on the following matters;:

7(b) Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places [Word Document 41KB]
7(a) Interim Amendments to the Council's Contract Procedure Rules [Word Document 43KB]
7(c) Pay Policy Statement [Word Document 42KB]

Item 8 - To consider the recommendation of the Standards Committee on the following matter;:

8(a) Review of Members Allowances - report of the Independent Remuneration Panel [Word Document 56KB]

Item 9 - Review of Congenital Cardiac Services for Adults and Children - Joint Health Scrutiny. Report of Adults, Health and Social Care Scrutiny Panel:

9(a) Report of Adults Health and Social Care Scrutiny Panel [Word Document 32KB]

Item 11 - To appoint Representatives (as necessary) to serve on Outside Bodies:

11(b) Other Appointments [Word Document 37KB]
11(a) West Yorkshire Combined Authority Appointments/Nominations [Word Document 47KB]

Item 13 - To receive reports from the Leader and Cabinet Members on the discharge of their roles and responsibilities since the last meeting of the Council:

Cabinet Member for Children and Young People's Services [PDF Document 986KB]
Cabinet Member for Adults Health and Social Care [Word Document 29KB]
Cabinet Member for Communities [Word Document 75KB]
Cabinet Member for Business Improvement and Resources [Word Document 32KB]
Cabinet Member for Health Inequalities [Word Document 71KB]
Leader Report [Word Document 41KB]
Cabinet Member for Economy and Environment [Word Document 30KB]

In the Minutes:-

a) decisions which have an asterisk (*) at the beginning need the approval of the full Council before they can be actioned.

b) an (E) appearing after the minute number, ie 123(E), means that the public were excluded from the meeting for consideration of the item.

It is possible to view papers referred to in the minutes at the Council's Libraries (online) and at the Town Hall, Crossley Street, Halifax.

Minutes of the meeting

Minutes [Word file 217KB]|Word file

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