Council, committee and cabinet meetings

Cabinet Monday 18th June 2012

Monday 18th June 2012


Agenda - 18/06/12 [Word file 73KB]|Word file

Item 3 - Minutes of Cabinet held on 2nd April 2012:

Minutes of Meeting of Cabinet held on 2nd April 2012 [Word Document 99KB]

Item 5 - Review of Council's Health and Safety at Work Policy Statements:

Health and Safety At Work Policy Statements [Word Document 43KB]
Item 5 Appendix A [Word Document 101KB]
Item 5 Appendix 5 [Word Document 38KB]

Item 6 - Review of Home Working and Flexible Working. Report of Use of Resources Scrutiny Panel.:

Review of Home Working Appendix [Word Document 147KB]
UoR Scrutiny Panel - Findings & Recommendations - Review of Home-Flexible Working [Word Document 50KB]
Appendix - Home Working - Final report [Word Document 147KB]
Review of Home Working [Word Document 50KB]

Item 7 - Review of Social Care for Children. Report of Children and Young People Scrutiny Panel.:

Review of Social Care for Children [Word Document 45KB]
CYP Scrutiny Panel - Findings & Recommendations - Social Care for Children review report [Word Document 45KB]
Appendix - Review of Social Care for Children report [PDF Document 350KB]

Item 8 - Revenue Outturn 2011/12:

Item 8 Final Accounts 2011/12 [Word Document 2228KB]

Item 9 - Capital Outturn 2011/12:

Item 9 Final Accounts 2011/12 Sumary of Council Capital Expenditure [Word Document 136KB]

Item 10 - Review of Home to School Transport Policy:

Review of Home to School Transport Policy [Word Document 62KB]
Item 10 Appendix A [Word Document 31KB]
Item 10 Appendix B [Word Document 98KB]

Item 11 - Family Support Strategy and Implementation of Locality Based Early Intervention Services for Children and Young People and Families:

Family Support Strategy [Word Document 797KB]

Item 12 - Music Service Hub:

Calderdale Music Hub Implementation [Word Document 51KB]

Item 13 - Commissioning Local Healthwatch Calderdale:

Local Healthwatch Calderdale [Word Document 108KB]

Item 14 - Voluntary Sector Infrastructure Services:

Voluntary Sector Infrastructure Services [Word Document 108KB]

Item 15 - AM/FM - Haliax Town Centre Office Strategy:

Asset Management Review Halifax Town Centre Office Strategy [PDF Document 70KB]

Item 16 - Establishment of Working Parties and Other bodies 2012/13:

Establishment of Working Parties [Word Document 64KB]

Item 17 - Appointment of Representatives on Joint Committees 2012/13:

Appointment of Members to Serve on Joint Committees [Word Document 44KB]

In the Minutes:-

a) decisions which have an asterisk (*) at the beginning need the approval of the full Council before they can be actioned.

b) an (E) appearing after the minute number, ie 123(E), means that the public were excluded from the meeting for consideration of the item.

It is possible to view papers referred to in the minutes at the Council's Libraries (online) and at the Town Hall, Crossley Street, Halifax.

Minutes of the meeting

Minutes [Word file 107KB]|Word file

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