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Audit Committee Monday 24th September 2012

Monday 24th September 2012


Agenda - 24/09/12 [Word file 62KB]|Word file

Item 3 - Minutes of meeting held on 25th June 2012 to be approved as a correct record and signed by the Chair:

Minutes of meeting held 25th June 2012 [Word Document 51KB]

Item 4 - Member Training - National Fraud Initiative:

Member Training [PDF Document 67KB]
Member Training [PDF Document 16KB]
Member Training [Word Document 42KB]
Member Training [PDF Document 233KB]

Item 5 - Audit of Accounts 2011-12 Annual Report to Those Charged with Governance:

Audit of Accounts [Word Document 391KB]

Item 6 - External Placements Progress Report:

External Placements [Word Document 148KB]
External Placements [Word Document 57KB]
External Placements [Word Document 59KB]

Item 7 - Financial Resilience Report:

Financial Resistance [PDF Document 476KB]

Item 8 - Confirmation of Auditor Appointment:

Auditor Appointment [PDF Document 17KB]
Auditor Appointment [Word Document 43KB]

Item 9 - Member Selected Internal Audit Report:

Member Selected [Word Document 574KB]
Member Selected [Word Document 49KB]
Member Selected [Word Document 625KB]

Item 10 - Internal Audit Tracking Report:

Internal Audit [PDF Document 116KB]
Internal Audit [Word Document 58KB]

Item 11 - Work Plan:

Work Plan [Word Document 44KB]
Work Plan [Word Document 74KB]

In the Minutes:-

a) decisions which have an asterisk (*) at the beginning need the approval of the full Council before they can be actioned.

b) an (E) appearing after the minute number, ie 123(E), means that the public were excluded from the meeting for consideration of the item.

It is possible to view papers referred to in the minutes at the Council's Libraries (online) and at the Town Hall, Crossley Street, Halifax.

Minutes of the meeting

Minutes [Word file 45KB]|Word file

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