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Wellholme Park Play Area

Wellholme Park Play Area


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The heavy use, age and type of the equipment has meant that the facilities are in need of improvement and upgrade. Aims of the consultation will be to assess which equipment should be retained and which should be removed and replaced. Where replacement is required, the response from the consultation will help identify the needs of the local children and residents. Responses will help direct the design process for the play area.


Kate Willis
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Consultation has been through the local community group the 3 B's. The original plan for the play area has changed from the initial ideas. The worn activity net has been replaced with a new net which meets the needs of the users.

Actions Taken

A new activity net has been installed along with a new accessible path to ensure that people can get to the play area. The roundabout will be replaced with a new inclusive roundabout.

Last updated: 06/10/2016