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Prescription medicines

Prescription medicines


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To find out what residents who have regular repeat prescription medicines think about them. NHS Calderdale is working with Calderdale Council and the Brainbox Research team to understand the views of the talkback epanel on prescription medicines.


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The consultation with the Calderdale Citizenâ€ÂΙs Panel was very successful and there was a strong response from panel members to the survey both before the medicines waste campaign in December 2014 and after the campaign in May 2015.

The overall findings of the evaluation showed that engagement with the medicines waste campaign materials and recall of the campaign was low.

Consequently the campaign had limited impact on attitudes towards prescription medicines and behaviour-change around medicines ordering.

The majority of respondents (85%) both before and after the campaign reported that they do not order medicines when they have an adequate supply at home. Different (but comparable) samples responded to the before- and after-campaign surveys.

Actions Taken

The final evaluation report was delivered to the local NHS Commissioning Support Group and key NHS contact. In the report, Brainbox Research made a series of recommendations for developing the campaign based on the conclusions of the evaluation. These included: delivering clearer messages about what patients are being asked to do through the campaign; using images that are more clearly related to medicines; and targeting the campaign at patients and carers when they collect their medicines from the pharmacy.

Brainbox Research is unaware at this stage what the future plans are for delivering the campaign and to our knowledge the recommendations have not yet been actioned.

Last updated: 06/08/2015