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Recycling attitudes & behaviour of residents living in flats

Recycling attitudes & behaviour of residents living in flats


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To learn more about the opinions of residents living in flats/apartments towards recycling & food waste recycling. To establish whether it would be viable for the council to invest in introducing a food waste recycling collection scheme for those residents living in flats/apartments.


Lisa Wainwright-McKie
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The main aims, objectives & results of this study were:-

-Establish residents understanding of the recycling services available to them (those living in flats only). 294 respondents stated they recycle their waste in the outdoor bin store; 86% clearly understand the recycling service that is currently offered to them.

- Establish any barriers preventing residents to recycle. There seemed to be very few residents that did not want to recycle, 8% giving reasons such as;It does not fit my lifestyle, Inconvenient and There is no benefit to recycling.

- Investigate attitudes of residents to the potential inclusion of a food waste collection service, and if this results in any other barriers. The results were equal across each answer yes: 34%, no: 37% and not sure: 29%. No definitive answer was established, however, this gives scope to educate and further encourage those residents that are uncertain about food waste schemes. Barriers = storage, odour

Actions Taken

As a result of this study the Waste management team of Calderdale Council have decided to introduce a more uniform recycling collection service to all flats, consisting of a dry mixed recycling collection within the next waste collection contract (due to begin August 2016), with the possibility of introducing separate food waste recycling collections when viable.

Last updated: 07/04/2015