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Ward Forum Budget Consultation

Ward Forum Budget Consultation


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At Full Budget Council in February 2014 a decision was taken to allocate 5,000 pounds to each Ward Forum. Ward Forums have not previously had any budget allocation responsibility. The process needs to be manageable across all Ward Forums by existing neighbourhood teams as well as ensuring funds are spent in an appropriate way for the benefit of the local community & in a transparent manner.

At Cabinet in April 2014 it was agreed that we consult ward forums on how the funds should be allocated.


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Ward Forum Budget Allocation


RESOLVED at the Cabinet Meeting 13th Oct 2014 - ITEM 63 on the agenda that:

(a) approval be given to the mechanism for the allocation of Ward Forum budgets in line with the choices indicated in Appendix 1;

(b) in the two Wards with no clear preference, a micro grants scheme should be run in 2014/15 (with the option to review this in 2015/16); and

(c) passing the funding to Town and Parish Councils would not meet the aims of the scheme, and therefore Calder Ward should also run a micro grant scheme in 2014/15 (with the option to review this in 2015/16).

Actions Taken

Ward Forum consultations undertaken, results fed back and analysed with recommendations going for Cabinet approval 13th October 2014.

Last updated: 16/10/2014