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Park ward Neighbourhood Forum and Development Plan

Park ward Neighbourhood Forum and Development Plan


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The consultation seeks views on two applications affecting Park Ward. The first is for the designation of a formal Neighbourhood Forum for Park Ward. (Note this is quite different from the Ward Forum run by the Council). The second seeks the designation of Park Ward as an area under which a Neighbourhood Development Plan would be prepared. These powers are new and derive from the Localism Act 2011, and amendments made to Section 61 of the Town & County Panning Act 1990.


Phil Ratcliffe
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The consultation closed on 25 July 2014. In total 6 comments were received. 4 from statutory consultees in the planning process and 2 from local Council's. There were no objections to the naming of Park ward as a Neighbourhood Area are Forum.

Actions Taken

Consultation responses were reported to Cabinet in a Report presented on 15 September 2014. The Cabinet have agreed to aprove the Neighbourhood Area and Forum and this will be confirmed at Council in October 2014.

Last updated: 01/10/2014