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Mytholmroyd District Traffic Review Phase 2

Mytholmroyd District Traffic Review Phase 2


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The Council proposes to make alterations to the road environment along New Road, Mytholmroyd with further work on Cragg Road and Scout Road.

The consultation aims to bring these proposals to the attention of Mytholmroyd residents/businesses and seek their comments.

Further details of the aims of the scheme are given in the letter to adjacent properties - see documents.


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Approval was given by the police and Ward Councillors. Two comments/queries were received from statutory consultees which were neither in support nor objections. Local representatives were in support of the proposals. One objection was received in relation to road humps but was withdrawn.

Actions Taken

The scheme was constructed over the summer 2013 and is now complete. The road narrowing is likely to be removed for the Tour de France and reinstalled as a permanent feature afterwards, provided that it proves to be successful over the coming year.

Last updated: 03/06/2014