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Calderdale Safeguarding Children Board


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Each local authority area is required by law to have a Safeguarding Children Board (SCB). The SCB is an independent body and is responsible for agreeing how agencies such as the Council, Police and Health Services work together in partnership to ensure that children are kept safe and happy. The Board hopes to find out about the publics view on sfeguarding children.


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75% of respondents had not heard of the Safeguarding Children's Board and the work they do. 44% of respondents said they would report concerns of a childs welfare to the Police, 16% would report concerns to the Council or school and 9% would report concerns to their GP/Health provider. 63% said the most important safeguarding issue for children was abuse/neglect by family members, 16% said Internet abuse was the most important issue and 13% said child sexual exploitation was the most important issue to them.

Actions Taken

Proposed improvements and actions taken as a result of this consultation in the document attached below

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Last updated: 01/08/2014