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St Augustine's Play Area

St Augustine's Play Area


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Raise local awareness of the play area improvements. Gain feedback and input from local residents and play area users on their thoughts and opinions on the potential improvements.


Kate Willis
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The overall feedback highlights large support for play provision improvements at St Augustines. 430 leaflets were sent to local residents. 54 (12.5%) replies were recorded. The questionnaire looked at which play equipment local people wanted to see at the play area and issues which they felt should be considered for the refurbishment.

Results Documents

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Actions Taken

All of the feedback from questionnaire and the consultation work with the school was included within the quotation documents provided to the play companies who designed the play area. The scheme which included the best design was selected and presented to the school before the play area was refurbished. Work started on the play are in November 2014.

Last updated: 24/06/2014