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Waste and Recycling Consultation 2012

Waste and Recycling Consultation 2012


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The Council's current waste collection contract with SITA UK Ltd will end in 2015. We are reviewing the service and starting the procurement process for the next contract. We'd like your opinion so that you can help us to provide the best service for Calderdale and make the best use of our budget.


Gill Barker
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Over 93% of respondents said they have a full or good understanding of how they can recycle their household waste in Calderdale. 75% said they recycle as much as they can with 21% saying they recycle some things but could do more. 53% said they would recycle more if the Council collected more types of recycling.

71% said the refuse collection service was Excellent/good, 68% said similar about the recycling service.

60% of respondents said they would prefer to stay with the current system for collection of their recycling, with over 70% saying they preferred a weekly recycling collection to a fornightly option.

69% said they would not want to pay a small charge for specific extra collections such as garden waste.

32% said they had experienced missed collections in bad weather.

The top 3 options chosen for getting a better service for waste and recycling were: a weekly recycling service; collection of more types of plastic and collection of corrugated cardboard.

Actions Taken

The results of the consultation are being reported to Councillors in July 2014 as part of a report concerning the procurement of the next waste collection contract.

Last updated: 20/06/2014