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Halifax Borough Market

Halifax Borough Market


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The Council's market service currently provides and manages the Borough Market in Halifax. The service includes daily letting and long term tenancy management, collection of charges, maintenance, special events, advertising and promotion. In the past, Markets have been seen as an important element within the daily life of most town centres. The questions in this survey will assist the Council to make improvements and help shape the future vision for the Halifax Borough Market.


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Over 88% of respondents said the Borough Market was Very important / important to Halifax Town Centre. 84% said they shop or visit the market regularly, with Saturday being the most popular day for their visit. The 3 main reasons for shopping at the market include: Price/value for money, to support local businesses and the atmosphere of the market.

Over 80% of respondents said they visit the market for less than an hour on each visit with the majority having an average spend of less than ten pounds.

Over 62% travel by car to the market with 36% of respondents being dissatisfied with the car parking facilities available.

Only 1% of respondents said they feel unsafe when visiting the market.

The 3 issues which deter some from visiting the market are: Inconvenient location, lack of car parking, poor image.

Items which would encourage more people to shop at the market include: more local products, arts and crafts more fruit and vegetable shops.

Actions Taken

Information utilised in various reports in shaping the delivery of the Borough Market

Last updated: 11/08/2015