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Vickerman Street Improvements

Vickerman Street Improvements


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The new housing at Vickerman Street in Halifax have now been completed with residents now occupying the new houses. As part of the 106 planning allocation for this new housing, there is funding avaliable for local neighbourhood improvements. A questionnaire was sent out to local residents. Local residents were also spoken to which will form part of the consultation. The aims are to identify and agree improvements for the local area. These improvements aim to enhance the local neighbourhood.


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From 200 questionnaires sent to local residents, 32 responses were completed. (16%)

Of the 32 people who responded:

96% of people wanted the improvements to include natural landscaping with boulders and logs.

84% of people wanted fruit trees

Less than 10% wanted raised beds, picnic areas and willow structures.

Less than 10% wanted cricket stumps or play items.

Of the 32 people who responded:

20% felt that it would improve the area and local environment.

Less than 1% felt that it would be negative for the area.

Potential effects the improvements will have on the local area?

Improve environment 7%

Cleaner and greener place to live 6%

Improve the view 3%

Reduce litter 3%

Attract crime, vandalism 3%

Results Documents

vickerman-street.pdf [345.6 KB] |PDF file

Actions Taken

Results to be directed to the local Safer Cleaner Greener Area Manager. This consultation will add to other local information which will direct decisions for the developments within the local open spaces.

Last updated: 17/07/2014