Reporting performance

Local Account

The Local Account is a yearly report which brings together information about how the Council supports adults with social care needs in Calderdale.

It describes the types of services that are available to help people with social care needs to be as safe and independent as possible. It also gives us the opportunity to provide an update on the progress we are making on implementing the Directorate Vision:

Calderdale Adults Health and Social Care Vision January 2016 [PDF file 2380KB]|PDF file

The Local Account reviews what we achieved in 2014/15, and it looks forward to our new priorities and what we are doing during 2015/16. 

This year we have based the Local Account on the customer journey starting with what happens when someone first contacts us; it explains what social care is and gives advice so that people can do things for themselves if they want to.

Calderdale Local Account January 2016 [PDF file 3349KB]|PDF file

Last Updated: 30/11/2016