Commissioning services for children and young people

Commissioning plan

The Children and Young People's Partnership Executive (CYPPE) is committed to ensuring that the way services are commissioned makes a real difference to children and young people’s lives. This plan has been developed to promote a clear and consistent way forward for the commissioning of children and young people’s services and is intended to set out how services will be commissioned in the short term for 2014-16 and how a medium to longer term strategic approach will be developed.

Our Vision: All children in Calderdale are Happy - Safe - Successful

This Plan sets out the vision for commissioning services for children and young people so that we can achieve our priority outcomes, with a specific focus on ensuring that children and young people are ready for learning and ready for life.

Children and Young People's Drug and Alcohol Prevention Plan 2013/14

In Calderdale we aim to prevent drug and alcohol misuse in young people, prevent young people developing dependency as adults, and prevent harm through their own or others substance misuse. Each year we undertake a needs assessment so that we base our plans to prevent harm on evidence. The strategic summary gives an overview of the scale of the problem in Calderdale, and the prevention plan says how we will make a difference. By preventing substance misuse in young people we improve health, improve life chances and reduce crime.

Branching Out (Lifeline)

We have a specialist substance misuse service in Calderdale for children, young people and families. Branching Out (Lifeline) works across the borough providing education, training, parental support, prevention interventions to young people, and treatment.

If you are a young person or know a young person who needs support for drug or alcohol use, please contact Branching Out (Lifeline)

Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA)

Calderdale Council and NHS Calderdale are working closely together to improve our understanding of the future health and well-being needs of the District's residents. We are doing this through a Joint Strategic Needs Assessment|External link (JSNA).

The Children and young people's partnership strategic framework 2011-2015 [PDF file 475KB]|PDF file sets out the vision and strategic aims of Calderdale Council, NHS Calderdale and other partners. The framework is informed by a range of assessment information, including the JSNA.

For other related plans and policies Council publications

Children and young people can have a say about services provided. If you want to find out more, contact Calderdale Council on 01422 288001.

If you have any concerns regarding a young person please visit Child Protection, or in an emergency contact the police.

Last Updated: 08/12/2016