Different types of fostering

Small boy enjoying life in the parkMother and foster daughter

There are a number of different types of foster care in Calderdale. Children have different needs and requirements and we realise that our foster carers need to be able to choose the type of fostering which is right for them. You will receive full training, support and guidance, no matter which type of fostering you choose, as well as fees and allowances to provide a caring, loving and supportive home.

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Short term fostering

This type of care is when a child is placed with you for an agreed period of time. This could be anything from an overnight stay up to a period of 2 years.

Long term fostering

When a child cannot return home, there is a requirement for more permanent care. The young person may still have regular contact with their family.

Emergency fostering

This is when a child or young person is placed with you for a short period of time at short notice, sometimes during the night or at weekends.

Support care

This is when a child or young person will be placed with you for a short period of time to support foster carers. This type of care is arranged in advance to ensure that existing foster carers are fully supported.

Breaks Away scheme

Our breaks away scheme is a dedicated service that offers disabled children or young people the chance to stay with another family for a short period of time and get involved in everyday family activities. Typically, you would provide care anything from one night per week to a weekend per month.

Last Updated: 06/10/2016