Fees and allowances

As a foster carer, you will need to have a passion for helping children and young people to lead a safe, happy and healthy life. Your experience, skills and knowledge of caring for children will be recognised. We offer a comprehensive package to suit you. Unlike some fostering agencies, Calderdale Council pays foster carers for 52 weeks of the year This will remain the case until you are no longer in a position to accept an agreed placement. This allows you to budget for your family and have the flexibility of being able to work together with us to be able to foster a child as and when they need a placement.

The fee that we pay you will depend on individual circumstances. This takes into account your experience, skills and knowledge, as well as your preferences for the types of fostering you want to be considered for. We will regularly review the payments you receive in line with your ongoing development to make sure that you have all the support you need.

In addition to the fee that you receive as a foster carer, we provide allowances to enable you as a carer to meet the individual needs of the child or children that you are caring for. These allowances are based on the individually assessed needs of a child but also include things like birthday and holiday payments to ensure that you can enrich the lives of children.

Our foster carers currently receive payments that range between £13,158 and £28,836* per year based on the criteria mentioned above.

*Fees correct as of November 2013 based on one child aged 16

For subsequent children you have placed with you, a further 50% of the fee will apply. 

For information about fostering, email or contact 01422 256053 (Mondays and Tuesdays) and 01422 266029 (Wednesday to Friday.)

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Last Updated: 06/10/2016