What our adopters say

Note: We have changed the names in this case study. Protecting the privacy of the children concerned is one of our top priorities.

Julie and Sue’s story

For us as a same sex couple, adoption was our first choice when it came to thinking about starting a family. We had been together for over 5 years and had recently got married. We arranged to attend an Adoption Information Evening at Calderdale to find out what would be involved and how to start the process.

The adoption landscape has changed in recent years and after approval as adopters, we were searching for a match for over 12 months before we decided to explore EPP. This is when a child, who cannot stay with their birth parents, is fostered, which may progress to adoption. This meant that we fostered our little girl to begin with and first met her at the hospital when she was one day old. She has lived with us from that day and we have gone through all the stages that are involved, including fostering and then finally adoption.

Fostering for us meant that Emily had contact with her birth parents twice a week. This contact continued until the Court granted a Placement Order, as they decided that adoption was the best outcome for Emily. EPP focuses on the best interests of the child. Therefore, even though it was at times stressful and worrying for us as a couple, we focused on what was best for Emily.

We feel that EPP was the best option for Emily and for us as adopters. For Emily it has meant that she will never have to move from one foster carer to another and then finally to her adoptive family. We have shared her early days, so will be in a strong position to answer many questions that she will have when she gets older. We have met her birth parents, so we can talk to her about them when she is ready to talk about her story.

Going through EPP has been hard at times, but the support offered from Calderdale helped us manage the process every step of the way. It is by no means an easy journey, we had to think about the possible outcomes and how this could affect us as a couple and as individuals. Support from friends and family is essential and their understanding helps when going through the placement.

Now we have adopted Emily we are looking forward to settling in as a family and watching Emily develop as a happy little girl.

We would recommend that anyone considering adoption to look at the option of EPP and see if it is a route that they could follow.

For further on EPP or adoption, please contact the adoption team by telephone: 01422 266003.

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Last Updated: 13/02/2017