Domestic violence

In Calderdale we want to make sure that if you are experiencing any abuse from a partner, ex-partner or family member you get the help you need.

Domestic violence, also sometimes called domestic abuse, is a serious problem. It is not just physical (slapping, punching or kicking), it can be someone trying to control what you do. It can include sexual and emotional abuse. An abuser may threaten you, control your money or use anything else to make you do things they want.

Domestic violence is not your fault and you are not alone.

For help

For more information on domestic violence and other key contacts please see -West Yorkshire Police - Domestic Violence|External link

Forced Marriage - You have the right to choose

From 16th June 2014, new legislation will be introduced which means that forced marriage will become a crime. Under the new legislation, anyone found guilty of forced marriage can face up to seven years imprisonment.

More information is available here - West Yorkshire Police - Forced Marriage|External link

Domestic Violence Protection Notices and Orders

A DVPN and DVPO is aimed at Domestic perpetrators (18 or over) who present an on-going risk of violence to the victim with the objective of securing a co-ordinated approach across agencies for the protection of victims and the management of perpetrators. More information is available here - West Yorkshire Police - Domestic Violence Protection Notices|External link

Further information

Home Office: Domestic violence|External link
Government strategy and plans on tackling domestic violence.

Women's Aid|External link
A charity working towards ending domestic violence, plus 24 hour helpline.

The Hideout|External link
Help and support for children and young people experiencing domestic abuse.

Keeping yourself safe

If you have concerns about someone knowing you are reading this information, follow the advice given at Keeping Yourself Safe|External link . To avoid similar problems in the future, use a computer in a local library.

Last Updated: 26/06/2014