Housing benefit

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Question Can I claim any extra help to pay my rent and Council Tax besides Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction?

Question Can I get backdated Housing / Council Tax benefit?

Question How do you work out how much Housing / Council Tax Benefit I will get?

Question How much Housing / Council Tax Benefit will I get?

Question I am claiming Housing / Council Tax Benefit and someone is coming to live with me, how will this affect my benefit?

Question I am on Housing / Council Tax Benefit, what changes do I need to tell you about?

Question I am under 25 years of age, how does this affect my Housing Benefit?

Question I have some savings, how will this affect my claim for Housing or Council Tax Benefits?

Question I'm claiming Housing Benefit - will someone come to visit me about my claim?

Question If I qualify for Housing / Council Tax Benefit when will I be paid from?

Question If I qualify, how will my Housing / Council Tax Benefit be paid?

Question If I rent from a relative will I be able to claim Housing Benefit?

Question My Housing Benefit is paid directly to me, how do I change this to be paid to the landlord (or vice versa)?

Question Why has my Housing and/or Council Tax Benefit been suspended?


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Last Updated: 18/11/2005