Directorates and service areas

Public Health

In April 2013, responsibility for public health in our area was moved from Calderdale Primary Care Trust to the Council. The Director of Public Health is the chief source of public health leadership and advice to the Council and the NHS, and works closely with the Director of Adults, Health and Social Care and the Director of Children and Young People's Services to improve the health and wellbeing of Calderdale residents.

The key to Improving Health and Wellbeing is to take action to address the determinants of health. This requires close partnership between the functions of the Council as well as with other agencies and we work with organisations such as:

The Council is able to influence many of the determinants of health and so has opportunities to improve Calderdale residents' health and wellbeing.

Determinants of health

The work includes:

Last Updated: 08/08/2016