Directorates and service areas

Communities and Service Support

Communities and Service Support has responsibility for running many of the Council's front line and corporate services.

We are using the changes affecting local government to work even more closely and creatively with our partners and with local people themselves in our local neighbourhoods. Communities and Service Support is leading on the transformation project to restore the Grade 1 listed Piece Hall, and turn the unique building into a thriving heritage and leisure attraction with a commercially sustainable future and also the development of the new Central Library and Archive on an adjacent site.

Communities and Service Support consists of three service areas:

The structure chart shows the sections within each service area: Communities and Service Support structure chart [PDF file 104KB]|PDF file.

The priorities chart shows the priorities for the Communities and Service Support directorate: Communities priorities 2016-17 [PDF file 213KB]|PDF file

Customer Services

Cabinet approved the Council's Customer Service Strategy on 12th December 2016. This strategy outlines how we will deliver services that customers need, flexibly and efficiently, within the limited resources available. See: Customer Service Strategy 2016-2020 [PDF file 215KB]|PDF file

The service leads on corporate communications and complaints and delivers many key customer facing services, including:

The Contact Centre and Customer First can be contacted by:

You can also visit Customer First in person: Customer First offices.



The service has responsibility for the following areas:

Human Resources, Information Technology and Transformation

The Corporate Leads (management team) for this service are:




The new service will lead and support change across the Council, deliver traded services to schools and work with partners. It will provide customer focused HR and IT support to all customers. It will play a key role in driving change and service transformation, innovating in demand management, digital, workforce and systems development.

Calderdale Council employs approximately 8,000 people. These employees are the Council's most important resource, accounting for around 67% of the estimated total net budget of the Council. They translate other resources and policies into effective service for the citizens of Calderdale.

The Council is committed to the recruitment, retention and development of a skilled, efficient and well-motivated workforce capable of delivering quality services in a safe and healthy environment.

Human Resources and Transformation aims to help the effective management of the Council's human and other resources through its five main areas:

Health and Safety

Health and Safety are responsible for ensuring that the Council complies with its health and safety obligations. This is achieved by developing policies, guidance and training strategies and monitoring, and inspecting work places and activities. Appropriate advice is given to managers and employees to ensure work activities and the public's safety are not compromised.

For more information on health and safety issues, please phone: 01422 393067.

HR Advisory

HR Advisory are responsible for policies and strategies to attract, retain and develop an effective workforce. It provides a framework for managing change constructively. The Advisory Service also encourages and assists in the provision of high standards of personnel management and practice across the authority.

For more information on personnel issues, please phone: 01422 288308.

HR Contracts and Payroll

HR Contracts and Payroll provides the Council, schools and partner organisations support on:

For more information on contracts or payroll issues, please phone: 01422 288314.

Learning and Development

Learning and Development are responsible for learning and development activities aimed at maximising the potential of employees, and to assist the Council in the achievement of its strategic objectives. The section provides advice, guidance, and support to all directorates of the Council in the pursuit of the Investors in People award.

The Council has an arrangement with Calderdale College for the delivery of nearly all vocational training. The Learning and Development section works with the College to ensure that relevant cost-effective training is being delivered.

For more information on Learning and Development, please phone: 01422 392865.

Information Technology and Business and Systems

The Information Technology and Business and Systems service provides support to the Council, schools and partner organisations covering:

For more information, please phone: 01422 393423.

Last Updated: 13/12/2016