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Trade directories

The Local Studies section of the Central Reference Library has a significant number of trade directories. They list tradespeople and services as well as names of residents, so they are of great value to the genealogist and the local historian. They also contain extensive information on the history, public institutions and major features of each community.

Online resources

Printed resources 1781 -1897

The following directories are held in the Central Reference Library:

1781BAILEY: Northern Directory
1806HARGROVE: Yorkshire Gazetteer
1809-11HOLDEN: Triennial Directory
1816-17Commercial Directory
1818-20PIGOT: Commercial Directory
1822BAINES: History, Directory etc of County of York
1822-3BAINES: History etc. County of York (2 Vols)
1828-9PIGOT: National Directory (2 Vols)
1830PARSON and WHITE: Directory of Leeds and Clothing District
1834PIGOT: National Commercial Directory
1837-8WHITE: History and Directory – West Riding
1840-41ROBSON: Commercial Directory (2 Vols)
1842PIGOT: Yorkshire Directory
1842WHITE: Directory of Clothing District
1843WHITE: Directory of Clothing District (microfilm also available)
1845IBBETSON: Directory of Bradford
1845WALKER: Directory of Parish of Halifax (microfilm also available)
1847WHITE: Directory of Clothing Districts (CD ROM also available)
1850Directory of Halifax, Huddersfield, Holmfirth etc.
1850IBBETSON: Directory of Bradford
1852WHITE: Sheffield Directory
1853WHITE: Directory of Bradford, Halifax and Huddersfield
1856LUND: Bradford Directory
1858WHITE: Directory of Leeds and Halifax
1861KELLY: Post Office Directory of West Riding
1863JONES: Mercantile Directory of Bradford
1863-4JONES: Mercantile Directory of Halifax (microfilm also available)
1866STEPHENSON: Halifax municipal. Borough Directory
1866WHITE: Directory of Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield and Halifax
1867KELLY: Directory of West Riding (also on CDROM)
1871KELLY: Post Office Directory of West Riding
1872SMITH: Directory of Bradford and neighbourhood.
1874SMITH: Directory of Halifax and District (microfilm also available)
1875SLATER: Directory of Yorkshire
1877KELLY: Post Ofice Directory of West Riding (Calderdale sections only)
1878SMITH: Directory of Dewsbury
1881KELLY: Directory of Halifax
1881KELLY: Directory of Sheffield
1881WHITE: General Commercial Directory. Vol.2. Halifax, Huddersfield (microfilm also available)
1887SLATER: Royal National Commercial Directory
1889KELLY: Directory of West Riding
1889KELLY: Directory of Sheffield and Rotherham
1890MITCHELL: Halifax Street Guide and Directory
1893KELLY: Directory of West Riding
1894WHITE: Halifax and District Directory
1897KELLY: Directory of West Riding

1903 - present

1903Halifax, Huddersfield and District Trades Directory
1904-5Halifax, Huddersfield and District Trades Directory
1905-6ROBINSON: Halifax and District Directory
1906-7Halifax, Huddersfield and District Trades Directory
1908KELLY: Directory of West Riding
1912KELLY: Directory of Bradford and Suburbs
1915WADSWORTH: Halifax:A commercial and Industrial Centre
1917KELLY: Directory of West Riding
1922KELLY: Directory of West Riding
1919, 1919-1920, 1922-3, 1923-4,Halifax, Huddersfield and District Trades Directory
1924-5, 1925-6, 1926-7, 1929-30, 1931-32Halifax, Huddersfield and District Trades Directory
1927KELLY: Directory of West Riding
1928KELLY: Directory of the Textile Industries in England, Scotland and Wales
1928Halifax: Commercially considered
1927,1928, 1929, 1932, 1933, 1935Huddersfield, Halifax and District Buyers Guide
c1935AUBREY: Directory of Yorkshire
1935 (December)Classified Telephone Directory: West and East Yorkshire
1936KELLY: Directory of West Riding
1937-82Halifax Telephone directories (incomplete)
1939-40Bradford, Leeds, Halifax and Huddersfield Trade Directory
1947KELLY: Directory of Merchants, manufacturers and shippers
1949 (January)Classified Telephone Directory: Leeds, Bradford and York areas
1951 (October)Classified Telephone Directory: Leeds, Bradford and York areas
1952-3BARRETT: Halifax County Borough Directory
1956-7Bradford, Leeds, Halifax and Huddersfield Trade Directory
1960, 1964, 1966BARRETT: Halifax County Borough Directories
1960-61Bradford, Leeds, Halifax and Huddersfield Trade Directory
1971-72Trades Directory(Classified)
1980's-presentVarious telephone and trade directories

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