New Central Library and Archive

Plans for the new Central Library and Archive have moved a step closer as Calderdale Council awarded the building contract to GRAHAM|External link Construction on 27th October 2014.

More about the announcement: GRAHAM gets green light for Piece Hall transformation and new library.

This marks the next stage towards delivering a new 21st Century Library and Archive for Calderdale. Located on the Square Church site next to the Piece Hall, the new library and archive will occupy land that has been unused for many years and will incorporate the remains of the church into the building's design.

Artist's impression of how the library will look


During the planning consultation period Calderdale Council and English Heritage agreed changes which will make sure the new building and fourth gate complement the neighbouring Piece Hall and Square Chapel, and also provide significant improvements to the area.

There will be a clear view of the new library on the approach to the Piece Hall as the railings which currently face Square Road will be removed. The new Central Library will also be more prominent as the plans were altered to increase the size of the building, making it closer to Square Road, attracting visitors as they head towards Halifax’s Cultural Quarter.

View of the area from Square Road


Steps will lead up to the library and to the new fourth gate of the Piece Hall. Access will also be available via a lift, taking people from Square Road to the Central Library and Archive entrance. A covered terrace will ensure that visitors will be protected during bad weather. Although linked to the new building the lift will be available during and outside the library’s opening times to enable easy access to the Piece Hall from Square Road.

Keeping you informed


The latest news on the development:

Timeline for the development

Contractor appointed October 2014
Development starts on site 27 October 2014
New Central Library and Archive will open Summer 2016

The planning application

To view the planning documents related to the development of the new library and archive, search the planning database using the terms Central Library and / or Square Road Church Spire. Search planning applications.

If you are unable to open the documents, save the files to your computer to view.

Last Updated: 29/10/2014