SITA UK|External link  now provides a recycling collection service for up to 90,000 households in Calderdale.

The new and improved recycling service, introduced in April 2009, is specifically for the collection of glass, paper, cans, textiles, food waste and plastic bottles from domestic households. Simply place your -

All other rubbish should be placed in your wheelie bin or black bags.

See Recycle for Calderdale|External link.

Calderdale Council provides 5 Household Waste Recycling Sites (HWRS) throughout the borough, which offer facilities as those mentioned above, in addition to cardboard, scrap metal, fridges, motor oil, green garden waste, car batteries, bricks and rubble, timber and plastic bottles.

There are approximately 20 mini-recycling sites in Calderdale where householders can take items such as glass, paper, cans, textiles and shoes, and some sites also accept books and music, carrier bags and mobile phones.

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We are currently looking at ways to improve the Rubbish, waste and recycling information on the Calderdale Council website.

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Last Updated: 17/03/2015