A to Z of waste and recycling


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Jam jarsJam jars

Jam jars can be recycled weekly via the kerbside collections service, just place them in the black container provided by the Council.

Jars can also be deposited in a number of bottle banks throughout Calderdale.

Please rinse your jars before depositing them in your recycling box.


Unwanted jewellery can be taken to charity and second hand shops.

Junk mailJunk mail

Junk mail can be recycled weekly via the kerbside collection service, just put it in the green plastic sack.

Please remove all plastic packaging and any waxed card before recycling.

You can reduce the junk mail you receive by registering with the Mail Preference Service:

Register at Mail Preference Service|External link
Telephone 0207 291 3310.

MPS Freepost LON20771


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Last Updated: 22/02/2016