Environmental policy and reports

Calderdale Council Environmental Policy
The Council, together with its partners in the Local Strategic Partnership, is committed to a vision for the future of Calderdale where it is a place with a clean, healthy, unpolluted and attractive environment safeguarded for future generations.

Environmental Statement 2011-12 [PDF file 1643KB]|PDF file
Calderdale Council's environmental statement which outlines the organisation's environmental performance of the past financial year (April 2011 to March 2012).

Environmental Statement 2010-11 [PDF file 1725KB]|PDF file
Produced annually, this statement outlines the Council's environmental performance against its objectives and targets and provides transparency regarding environmental performance.

Environmental Report 2010-11 [PDF file 4176KB]|PDF file
The Council recognises the importance of communicating environmental issues. This report summarises the above statement into a condensed user friendly style.

Green House Gas Report 2013 [PDF file 87KB]|PDF file
Greenhouse Gas Report 2011-12 [PDF file 81KB]|PDF file
Greenhouse Gas Report 2008-11 [PDF file 81KB]|PDF file
The Council's Environmental Management System sets a target to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the Council's estates and operations. This report gives the figures for 2 years.

Environmental Index results 2012 [PDF file 1156KB]|PDF file
In 2012 Business in the Community assessed 100 organisations across Yorkshire and Humber against environmental management and performance criteria. This report gives the results for Calderdale Council which scored 80% and is listed in the top quarter performing organisations.

Last Updated: 11/11/2016