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If so, then this information is for you. It includes details of how community groups can get involved in energy efficiency and renewable energy projects and the assistance that is available.

.The Council has launched our first energy and climate change strategy called "Calderdale's Energy Future". It contains actions towards reducing our districts energy demand, saving costs and protecting the environment. Community involvement is key to its success and we want to help your community deal with the challenges of delivering energy efficiency or renewable projects.

To register interest or to let us know how you are getting on email


Tips and hints for community groups

Case Study: Cragg Vale Carbon Neutral Group

A meeting of Cragg Vale carbon neutral group

The village of Cragg Vale has a Carbon Neutral Group, comprised of residents who are concerned about climate change and keen to do something locally to address this global issue.

Their long term aim is to make Cragg Vale carbon neutral, and they hope to achieve this by helping individuals and community projects to reduce their emissions, and by develop renewable energy projects and 'carbon sinks' such as new woodlands. The group have already drawn in a range of funding for local improvements.

For more information about the work of the Cragg Vale Carbon Neutral Group visit Cragg Vale Carbon Neutral Group|External link.

To register your community group with the Council, email We are very interested in finding out how you are getting on and how you encourage your group to ‘be green'.

Useful links

Energy Saving Trust|External link
More information about the Green Communities programme. The South and West Yorkshire office offers free talks and seminars on energy saving. You can also call the Trust on 0800 512 012.

Friends of the Earth|External link
The national environmental charity offers a free daily email service with handy tips for saving energy at home and at work.

The Carbon Trust|External link
You can order free posters and stickers online to promote energy saving activities in your community.

Metro|External link
The West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive provides information about buses and trains operating across the county.

Cragg Vale Carbon Neutral Group|External link
Find out more about the work of this community group in tackling the local causes of climate change.

Big Lottery Fund|External link
Another Big Lottery Fund initiative, providing grants to help improve the quality and use of local green spaces. Telephone: 0845 410 20 30.

Last Updated: 11/11/2016