Energy efficiency

Carbon management in schools

One of the Council's largest sources of carbon dioxide (a major green house gas responsible for climate change) is from the energy used in our schools. The cost of energy is already significant, and is set to rise considerably over the coming years. In light of this, the Council is working directly with schools to reduce their environmental impact as well as their bills.

Work completed so far

Future work

Future work will be developed through Calderdale Energy Future, such as:

Useful links

The Carbon Trust|External link
A government-funded independent company that was launched in 2002 to help the implementation of energy efficiency in the business and public sectors as well as to encourage the development of a low carbon sector in the UK.

Eco-Schools|External link
An international environmental award scheme for schools, rewarding and accrediting schools that have made a commitment to continuously improving their environmental performance. 

Alternative Technology Centre|External link  
Based in Hebden Bridge the Centre is an educational resource centre, home to SUSchool|External link and the SUSSED energy and water reduction programme.

The Centre for Research, Education And Training in Energy (CREATE)
The Centre works with communities and organisations to reduce the effects of climate change and build a sustainable future. It has teaching and learning resources available for schools, and can deliver school-based education programmes relating to climate change, energy efficiency, water conservation and recycling.

Centre for Sustainable Energy|External link  (CSE)
The Centre seeks sustainable energy solutions that engage people and communities to meet real needs for both environmentally sound and affordable energy services. It delivers innovative education programmes to schools and offers downloadable pupil activity sheets (closely linked to the curriculum), guidance and support for teachers, and energy auditing, management and monitoring.

Last Updated: 02/09/2016