Local Plan

The Local Plan is the new development plan for Calderdale, which will eventually supersede the Unitary Development Plan.

Until the Local Plan has completely replaced the Replacement Calderdale UDP (2006) - not likely to occur until at least 2017 - planning decisions will have to based upon both sets of documents where relevant.

Please note: the Council is in the process of streamlining the production of the Local Plan and will merge the Core Strategy and Land Allocations into a single plan.

The revised Local Development Scheme is in preparation and will be presented to Council early in 2015.

These pages will be revised when this process has been completed.

Other documents within the Local Plan include:

The Regional Spatial Strategy for Yorkshire and the Humber was revoked by order of the Secretary of State which came into effect on 22 February 2012. As a result the Regional Strategy no longer forms part of the Statutory Development Plan for Calderdale.


The Council occasionally issues guidance which can assist developers in formulating planning applications and decision takers in arriving at their decisions. These guidance notes do not set policy nor form part of the Local Plan. Whilst they can help in making decisions they should not be cited within reasons for refusal or for granting permission.


Consultation on the various documents within the Local Plan is undertaken in accordance with the Planning Regulations and Statement of Community Involvement.

The documents and their consultation status can be viewed at Local Plan consultations|External link.

Any queries should be directed to the Spatial Planning Team.

Last Updated: 18/12/2014