Apply for planning permission

Stages of the process

  1. Decide how you want to apply

    Planning Portal

    You can make a planning application:

    The Planning Portal will guide you on which application form to use.

    If applying in writing, the planning service require 1 original (signed) and 1 copy (unsigned) of the application form / letter plus 1 set of plans.

    You can purchase plans for your planning application via the Planning Portal: Buy a plan|External link.

  2. Assemble the necessary documentation

    Depending on the location, type and size of the proposed works you may need to submit additional information to enable the application to be registered as a valid application.

    There are National information requirements, which can differ depending on the type of application being submitted.

    In addition there is a Local list of requirements. This list is revised every two years and indicates, where possible, in what instances information will be required and also provides contact information for clarification.

  3. Calculate the fee

    All fees need to be submitted before an application can be considered. You can:

  4. Submit the application

    Smarter Planning Champion logo

    If you apply online via the Planning Portal, your application is transferred automatically to Calderdale Council.

    Paper applications should be submitted to:

    Payment can be made by Credit or Debit Card by phoning 01422 392237.

Your application will then be processed by the Council. See Planning application process.


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Last Updated: 14/09/2016