Environmental education

Centre Vale Park workshops

Woodland minibeasts

Explore the world of the minibeasts on a safari through the park. Compare and contrast the inhabitants of a variety of habitats including woodland floor, trees (alive and dead) and grassland. Includes use of simple keys and species recording. Suitable for Reception, Key Stage 1 and 2 (session varies in complexity depending on age group of pupils).


Compare and contrast a selection of habitats within the Centre Vale Park through hands-on exploration and environmental games. Session includes the use of simple keys. The aim of the visit is to help pupils recognise that different animals and plants are found in different habitats and that each habitat needs protecting to maintain the diversity of British wildlife.


A half-day session exploring the trees at Centre Vale Park. By the end of the session pupils will understand how a tree works, what kind of creatures live in a tree and will have really got to know a tree! Includes environmental games. Suitable for Key Stage 2.

Sensory walks

A special walk which encourages children to explore an area in a very ‘hands on’ way, using activities that encourage the use of all the senses. Walks are tailored to fit individual requirements. Suitable for Reception, Key Stage 1 and 2.

Seasonal change

A selection of environmental games aimed at Reception and Key Stage 1. Closely linked with the Science curriculum: Life Processes and Living Things.

Environmental art

Working in groups, find natural materials to use to make a sculpture, then invite staff and class mates to visit an exhibition of the work produced. Discover how colour is used in nature with the camouflage game, then explore the variety of natural colours to be found in plants and collect examples to produce a colour palette to take back to school. Suitable for Key Stage 2.

How to get to Centre Vale Park

Map showing location of Centre Vale Park

From Halifax, follow the A646 to Todmorden. At the roundabout in Todmorden town centre, turn right onto A646 Burnley Road. Go past Todmorden Market, the Community College and the Cricket club and Centre Vale Park is on your left. Parking is available by the Sports Centre.

General information


What to bring

Please ensure that pupils bring appropriate footwear and a warm, waterproof coat. If the weather is very kind, it may even be necessary to bring sun hats and sun lotion! Bring lunch if eating at the park. All equipment needed for the visit will be provided by the Countryside Service.

Risk assessment and session plans

Prior to your visit, you will receive a copy of the session plan outlining the activities to be covered during the workshop plus a risk assessment of the activities and the site.

How to book

To organise your visit, contact:

Last Updated: 20/09/2016