Habitat Action Plans

Format of the habitat action plans

The format of the action plans closely follows that used by the UK BAP and adopted by several Local BAPs:


A description of the status of the habitat on a UK level.


A description of the status of the habitat on a regional level. The region may be the Yorkshire and Humber Region or a more appropriate area such as West Yorkshire or the South Pennines Natural Area.


A description of the status of the habitat on a Calderdale level.

Current factors causing loss or decline

Those factors negatively affecting the habitat in Calderdale.

Current Action

Examples of actions that are being, or have recently been, performed.

Legal Status

A description of legislation affecting the habitat.

Priority Species

Those Calderdale Priority Species associated with the habitat.


Goals to maintain and enhance the habitat at a sustainable level by 2010. It is recognised that some of the targets are aspirational (such as to ensure that all wildlife sites are in an ecological favourable condition).


Specific actions that need to be taken to achieve the targets. It is recognised that funding will be needed to ensure the full delivery of several actions. For each action a Lead Partner is listed. This organisation will co-ordinate action and liaise with the other partners listed to ensure that the action is delivered.

Plan co-ordinator

A person, representing an organisation, who will work with the BAP Co-ordinator to co-ordinate action and ensure that progress is made towards the delivery of the targets.

Last Updated: 30/09/2016