Primary school allocations

If your child was born between 1 September 2010 and 31 August 2011, they will be due to start Primary School in September 2015. Applications are now closed but you can check your school allocation online:

Check your primary school allocation

If you're unhappy with your allocation, find out more about re-allocations.

Apply for a school place

You are currently outside the application period for Calderdale schools; please check the admission process for when you can apply.

If you have requested your offer notification by email, you should receive the email after midnight on National offer day. If you did not request email notification, you will receive confirmation of your child's place by letter on National offer day. Alternatively, you can view your allocated school by checking your school allocation online.

If you require any additional assistance with applying for a school place then chat online with one of our dedicated customer care advisers.

Before you apply

  1. Check Admission process for key dates and frequently asked questions
  2. Find schools: Search for schools in Calderdale
  3. Preference up to five schools - you can find out more about Calderdale schools by checking:
    1. Admission criteria including catchment areas and feeder schools
    2. Admission figures
    3. National performance tables
    4. OFSTED Reports|External link
    5. Open evenings
    6. Travel to school
    7. Search for schools


Parents who are not happy with the school place they have been offered can request the name of their child to be added to a re-allocation list for school places. For more information, go to Re-allocations.

Late applications

Late applications will be considered after all applications received before the closing date. For more information, go to Late applications.

In-year transfers

If you wish to transfer your child to another school or if you need a school place at any time other than transferring from nursery to primary school, or from primary school to secondary school, you will need to apply as an in-year transfer. For more information, go to In-year transfers.

Last Updated: 05/05/2015