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Ethnicity in Calderdale


This is one of a set of Topic Reports published by Calderdale Council. The 2001 Census is the key source for this report, since no other dataset compares in either coverage or detail. However, the report also uses some data from the health sector, indices of deprivation, and the Council's own information systems.

Purpose of the report

The objective of this report is to provide a demographic context and aid for those planning and providing services for, or affecting, different ethnic groups in Calderdale, as well as providing an overview for those with a general interest in Calderdale’s diverse communities.

The report’s focus is on identifying geographical differences in the numbers and socio-economic situation of the main ethnic groups – both within Calderdale and between Calderdale and national averages. This includes concentrations of particular ethnic minority groups, as well as variation in housing, economic activity, qualifications, health and income between ethnic groups.

The report provides the most reliable and comprehensive data available at the time of publication. For more recent population estimates by ethnic group, visit the Office for National Statistics: Population Estimates by Ethnic Group (experimental)|External link

The full report is available as a pdf:

Ethnicity in Calderdale [PDF file 877KB]|PDF file

Key points

Last Updated: 05/08/2015