Topic reports

Children and Young People in Calderdale


Topic Reports are part of Calderdale Council’s set of publications based mainly or entirely on the 2001 Census, which is the key source for this Report, since no other data-set compares in both its coverage and the detail it provides.  However, the Report also uses some data from the health sector, the latest Indices of Deprivation, and the Council’s own data.

Purpose of the report

The objective of this Report is to provide a demographic context and aide for those planning and providing services to – or affecting – children and young people, as well as providing an overview for those with a general interest in the issues involved.

The Report’s focus is on identifying geographical differences in the numbers and socio-economic situation of children – both within Calderdale and between Calderdale and national averages. This includes concentrations of children of different ages, and the social, housing, economic and health indicators pertaining to, or affecting, children and young people.

It is not the aim to paint a picture of what it is like to be a child in Calderdale. The inclusion of data on behaviour and achievement, such as Key Stage and GCSE data, Statemented Children, or Offenders, was considered, but rejected as being beyond the objective of focusing on the socio-demographic context. For similar reasons, no attempt has been made to assess the level or quality of services provided to children and young people.

We have provided the most reliable and comprehensive data available.  The full Report concentrates on presenting this data in tables, graphics and maps, and comment is kept to a minimum.

Children and Young People in Calderdale [PDF file 8534KB]|PDF file

Below is a summary of the key findings. Unless otherwise stated, the figures on which these findings are based come from the 2001 Census.

Key points

Age structure and trends, ethnicity and health

Households and household resources

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