Statistics and information

The primary source of information about Calderdale and its communities is the West Yorkshire Observatory ( The Observatory contains data on a range of themes, including demographic characteristics, the economy and employment, housing, health and crime.

Area profiles

The area profiles cover Calderdale by authority, ward and small area level. The information contained in the profiles includes population, housing, crime, education and health data.

Calderdale overview

The Calderdale Overview is a brief set of statistics on Calderdale, compared to England and Wales. The data covers location and population topics.

Census information

The ten-yearly Census provides data down to very small areas (200-300 people) covering a range of topics - population age, gender, ethnicity, marital status; migration; health and long-term illness; household types, tenure, size and resources; economic activity, employment, occupation and travel to work; qualifications.

Other sources of information

A list of external sources where more statistics and data can be found on both Calderdale and nationally. They cover a range of topics, including population, the economy, housing, crime, the labour market, education and health.

Topic reports

A set of reports produced principally for use by Council staff but also of interest to partner agencies and the general public, covering areas of high needs, children and young people, employment and commuting, ethnicity, and older people.

Last Updated: 05/01/2017