Census information

Since 1801 the government has collected an increasing amount of data about the population through the ten-yearly Census.

The latest Census provides data down to very small areas (200-300 people) covering a range of topics, including:

Census 2011

The latest census was held on 27 March 2011. The information is available by district and ward from the Office for National Statistics (ONS): Census 2011|External link .

The initial results showed that there had been a significant increase in the population of Calderdale to 203,800 since the previous census in 2001:

More details on the initial results released can be found in: 2011 Census First Results [PDF file 121KB]|PDF file .

The ONS provide information based on statistics and surveys on the economy, business and trade, employment, society and population. This is done at national, regional, and local levels. The statistics can all be found on their website: National Statistics Online|External link .

If you need personal data for researching family history, see Local studies and family history .

Last Updated: 19/08/2016