Census information

2001 Census

In addition to the reports on these pages, the Customer Knowledge Officer can provide advice and guidance on using the 2001 Census.

If you need personal data for researching family history, see Local studies and family history resources.

Key Statistics Report [PDF file 558KB]|PDF file
This provides headline findings for Calderdale from the 2001 Census and compares them with the 1991 Census and with neighbouring districts and national figures.

Standard Tables Report [PDF file 651KB]|PDF file
This report presents more in-depth 2001 Census data for Calderdale (but not smaller areas), providing cross-tabulations by age, gender or ethnicity of a number of topics. It is more complex than the Ward Digest, and is likely to be of interest mainly to people wanting very detailed data.

Ward data

In 2004, Calderdale’s wards were reviewed and re-organised by the Boundaries Commission. This reduced the number of wards from 18 to 17 and made substantial changes to the boundaries of a number of wards. Census data is available both for the pre-2004 wards and current wards.

A set of separate ward profiles has been produced for the current wards. For these and other information on wards, see Area profiles

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Last Updated: 05/08/2015