Area profiles

Area profiles are available at 4 geographical levels. Most of the information contained in the profiles comes from National Government sources, and the detail contained in each profile depends on the level of geography it is made available for. Information is available on:

The 4 geographical levels are:

  1. Calderdale profile
    Overall detailed profile of Calderdale compared to West Yorkshire and England
  2. Service Area profiles
    Detailed profile of each of the four Calderdale Service Areas compared to Calderdale and England. These are Halifax Central, Halifax North and East, Lower Valley and Upper Valley
  3. Ward profiles
    Detailed profile of each ward within Calderdale compared to Calderdale and England, see Calderdale Ward profiles|External link
  4. Small Area level profiles
    Detailed profiles for Lower and Middle layer Super Output Areas (SOAs) within Calderdale compared to Calderdale and England.

    SOAs are constructed by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) to improve the reporting of small area statistics across England and Wales. They are constructed using Census data, taking into account measures of proximity and similar social backgrounds.

    Lower SOAs (LSOAs) are built up from collections of Census Output Areas. These are the smallest geography areas Census results are released at, and contain around 1,500 people or 600 households. Middle SOAs (MSOAs) are built up from collections of LSOAs and contain around 7,500 people or 3,000 households.

These are all available on the Calderdale Observatory|External link.

To select a profile, first select the Geo-type required, then one of the available areas to display the required profile. All profiles can also be exported to pdf format.


For further information or if you need help using these profiles contact:


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Last Updated: 25/04/2016