Priorities and performance

This section contains the Council's ambition, its priorities for improvement, links to the key planning documents and tools we use to deliver improvement and change, and key performance reports.

Our Mission and priorities

The Council's new mission and priorities will help us to deliver change and transformation over the coming years with a mission to becoming the 'Best Borough in the North' .

Peer review

Calderdale Council has received a clean bill of health from local government experts who undertook a four day review of the authority in June 2015.

Council publications

Many strategies, reports and plans are routinely made available online.

Innovate Calderdale

Innovate Calderdale tells the story of how Calderdale Council is improving. The stories contained on the website come directly from those who have made the changes and those who have benefited from the changes.

Joint strategic needs assessment

Calderdale Council has been working closely with the NHS to improve our understanding of the future health and well-being of the District's residents. This process, and the resulting document, is termed the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA).

Last Updated: 07/06/2016