Priorities and performance

This section contains the Council's ambition, its priorities for improvement, links to the key planning documents and tools we use to deliver improvement and change, and key performance reports.

Our ambition for Calderdale

Explains the Council's ambition 'Everyone Different Everyone Matters'.

Council priorities

Our priorities for improvement and how we want to shape our organisation and find better ways of working to achieve the impact we need to have in our communities.

Council publications

Many strategies, reports and plans are routinely made available online.

Improvement plans

These plans include the Council's priorities for improving our schools, our environment and our services for children, young people and Calderdale's diverse communities.

Innovate Calderdale

Innovate Calderdale tells the story of how Calderdale Council is improving. The stories contained on the website come directly from those who have made the changes and those who have benefited from the changes.

Needs assessments

Our needs assessments include a survey of childcare throughout the borough, and work with the Primary Care Trust on the health needs of residents.

Strategies and frameworks

The Council's strategies focus on key issues including developing sustainable communities and improving the local economy, within the framework of the local land use plan.

Last Updated: 24/06/2013